Brain Forza Organic Medicinal Mushrooms Production

No extract required. Brain Forza’s certified organic mushrooms are grown for the purpose of functional nutrition and 5x stronger than wild grown mushrooms.

USDA Certified Organic Raw Material
CCOF Certified Organic Finished Product

Why Choose Lab Grown Organic Medicinal Mushrooms?

Brain Forza Organic Medicinal Mushrooms
Brain Forza Organic Medicinal Mushrooms Production
Grown To Be
While wild mushrooms are great for culinary use, they are not so great when being used for the purpose of addressing health concerns. A great example, is wild grown Red Reishi, which contains about 2%-5% naturally occurring polysaccharides. On the other hand, Brain Forza Organic Red Reishi contains approximately 34% naturally occurring polysaccharides. No extract required.
No Foreign
Wild or farm grown mushrooms often become exposed to foreign toxins like insect feces. If these toxins get on the mushrooms, it is almost impossible to remove them Sterilization does not remove toxins, it only kills bacteria. Our mushrooms are grown in an extremely controlled setting that no foreign contaminants get a chance to access the fungi.
The growing process has been perfected over 2 decades. The mushroom strains have been grown against each-other to increase strength of the fungi to where it is now. After production is completed, each batch is sent out for testing  with near identical results each time. Wild grown mushrooms will never achieve this natural strength or consistency.

The Growth & Cultivation Process [Simplified]

STEP 1: Perfect DNA
The first step is to have the perfect fungi culture. Fungi cultures are collected from around the world and then competitively bred against one another (of the same family) to make them continually stronger.
Brain Forza Organic Medicinal Mushrooms
STEP 2: The Substrate
Most organic growers use a cheap rice substrate which only yields about 75% mushroom tissue at cultivation. Our mushrooms are grown on a custom organic substrate that took a long time to discover as the best material. This material yields around 95%> mushroom tissue at time of cultivation. Significantly more than other substrates. It is our "secret recipe", so to say.
Brai Forza Medicinal Mushrooms Organic Substrate Growth
STEP 3: Enter Fungi Culture
The prepared substrate bags are passed through a secured tunnel into the clean room. They are racked and ready to have a live fungi cell culture preparation introduced into the bag. The open bags are passed into a clean room even more sterile where a liquid fungi preparation is poured into the bag full of nutrient-rich substrate.

What enters the bag is what will grow inside on the substrate.

After the liquid preparation is poured in, the bag is sealed to block out foreign contaminants from entering, and to control the environment the fungi will grow in.

The bags used were custom built by Swiss engineers specifically for our partner and allow natural gases to escape through specially made vents in the bag.
Brain Forza Medicinal Mushrooms Organic Substrate Growth
Brain Forza Medicinal Mushrooms Organic Substrate Growth
Brain Forza Medicinal Mushrooms Organic Substrate Growth
STEP 4: Growth Cycle
The bags are left in an area where they will not be disturbed so the mycelium can grow and spread through the bag. This process takes about 6-8 weeks.
Brain Forza Organic Medicinal Mushrooms Cultivation substrate
Brain Forza Organic Medicinal Mushrooms
FINAL STEP: Harvest and Powder Preparation
There is a lot of debate as to what part of the mushroom contains the highest level of actives. It is actually largely the mycelium.

The fruiting body, the “mushroom head”, is created by the fungi responding to environment stressors like running out of nutrients, nearing the end of its life cycle or elongated exposure to bright sunlight. The fruiting body is the mushroom's effort to release and spread spores, to reproduce. It’s at that time the mushroom actually starts to lose its potency.

So the mushrooms are monitored, and the moment fruiting bodies start to grow, the mushroom is harvested to have the fungal tissue turned into a consistent, free-flow powder that we use to fill our capsules.

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